Who are we

Fusion Consulting prides itself on being an outstanding global partner to its clients, driven by an extraordinary commitment to their goals. We will deliver your SAP projects on time and within budget in a high quality manner, leveraging our profound and collaborative expertise in this market.

We provide a single-source staffing solution

...enabled by a highly-integrated core team, with one point of contact for you when you need to finalize important project decisions, or control the conceptual solution design. We offer tailored account management through strong collaboration between Business, IT and Management to ensure one solution.

Our Principles


Agility, speed, and a flat hierarchy with a closely-aligned executive partner team is the hallmark of Fusion Consulting.


More than 40 years of SAP Project Management and Business Development experience at major corporations worldwide.


We are financially and strategically independent. Fusion Consulting is 100% partner owned and managed.


Fusion Consulting has built an incentive scheme to keep our consultants agile, always reliable and hungry for success.

Meet our Team

Fusion’s management team has worked in the international arena for many leading corporations that have successfully implemented some of the world’s most complex IT transformation projects.

Outstanding management and leadership skills

Our team is an intercultural group of high-performing individuals with extensive consulting and industry experience and a client-driven entrepreneurial spirit. At Fusion, we all have a passion to perform. We are willing to go the extra mile to guarantee the results our clients require.


Fusion Consulting is headquartered in Switzerland with branch offices around the world to ensure a global reach for our clients.



Global Offices

Germany Singapore Portugal USA China UK India Malaysia Turkey Poland Australia (Sydney) Australia (Melbourne)